Family Law

Georgia Family Law sets forth a variety of regulations that apply to relationships and family members. This area of law practice includes many problems that a family unit may face at various times. In addition to rules regarding starting or ending a marital relationship, Family Law addresses other matters, including monetary issues, child custody, support, adoption, domestic violence, property division and abuse.

Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C.

People who are experiencing family problems find compassion and answers at the Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C., in Bainbridge, GA. We serve people in Southwest Georgia with comprehensive Family Law legal services, in addition to helping them with other legal matters in the areas of Estate Planning, Bankruptcy & Debt and Criminal Defense. We have extensive knowledge of Georgia Family Law and have helped hundreds of clients get through often difficult and emotional times when they needed to resolve family disputes.

Attorney Pete Emmons

Licensed for 16 years, Attorney Pete Emmons graduated from Rutgers University School of Law in 1998. He works diligently to represent families by providing them with legal representation for any legal matters that they are concerned about or needed help resolving. He has a broad background in Family Law that he puts to work for each client on an individual basis. Pete Emmons has been licensed to practice law in Georgia since 2012.

Georgia Family Law Legal Services

Georgia Family Law addresses a multitude of relationship issues. In addition to defining marriage and what types of marriage are prohibited in this state, these laws dictate grounds for divorce, division of marital property, child custody and support, adoption, visitation and other family concerns, including domestic violence and abuse.

Our Family Law Attorneys can advise and represent you in all areas of Family Law, at hearings, settlement meetings and in courtroom litigation. We are especially sensitive to issues that involve care of minor children and always strive to reach the best possible outcome for our clients and their loved ones. Common requests for our assistance come from people trying to deal with the following matters:

  • Divorce – grounds for Divorce or Separation, residency requirements, alimony, “no fault” grounds, defense against divorce filing, property division, other grounds
  • Custody – joint custody/sole custody, visitation/rights, modifications, relocation, parenting plans, education
  • Child support – determination of amount, special needs, modifications, income reporting
  • Other issues – domestic violence, kidnapping, criminal defense, protective orders

Get the strong legal support you need to deal honestly with Family Law matters. Contact the Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C., in Bainbridge, GA. Call us now, at (229) 246-7770.

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