Few life events are as joyful as the addition of a child to your family. When you’re family is expanding through adoption, though, the event can also be incredibly stressful, due to the extensive paperwork, meetings, and legal issues involved. Working with an experienced adoption attorney can take the legal aspect of adoption largely out of your hands, ensuring all your paperwork and legal necessities are handled properly, and relieving you of a large source of your adoption stress.

The Adoption Process in Georgia

To ensure the safe and permanent placement of a child, the legal adoption process in Georgia, like many states, includes multiple components. You must meet with adoption representatives, allow officials to visit your home and interview your family, attend a training session, and go through finalizing the adoption. Though all aspects of the process must be met, depending upon the circumstances of your family, and the child involved, it can take as little as four months to complete the process. Other times, it may take years.

How an Attorney Helps with the Adoption Process

It is during the finalization process of the adoption that a family law attorney with ample experience in helping families in the state of Georgia legally adopt a child into their homes. After getting a release to adopt, you must file an adoption petition with the court, submit supplementary paperwork, and go through a hearing to ensure the adoption is legal.
While an attorney cannot help you decide if adoption is right for you and your family, an experienced adoption attorney will make sure your paperwork and supplemental materials are filled out right, and submitted properly, the first time, easing the stress of the legal aspects of the adoption process.

Southwest Georgia Adoption Attorney

Pete Emmons is an experienced adoption attorney based out of Bainbridge, GA who has experience in helping those seeking to adopt in Southwest Georgia through the legal process. Mr. Emmons will ensure your legal paperwork is filled out as it should be, and is submitted properly the first time so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are “doing everything right.” If you are looking to adopt in Georgia, it’s up to you to get through the state’s early process. When it’s time to take the matter to court, though, let Pete Emmons of the Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C. represent you, and take that small burden off your shoulders.

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