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Few life events are as joyful as the addition of a child to your family. When you're family is expanding through adoption, though, the event can also be incredibly stressful, due to the extensive paperwork, meetings, and legal issues involved. Working with an experienced adoption attorney can take the legal aspect of adoption largely out of your hands, ensuring all your paperwork and legal necessities are handled properly, and relieving you of a large source of your adoption stress.
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Bankruptcy & Debt

Many types of money problems can be resolved by declaring Bankruptcy to obtain debt relief. In certain cases, you can either have your unsecured debts eliminated or other debts renegotiated. At the Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C., in Bainbridge, GA, we have helped hundreds of people who were caught in a debt trap. Getting debt relief can change your life for the positive, and offers you a chance for a fresh start.
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Criminal Defense

When you are facing a criminal charge, it can be one of the most frightening times of your life. Conviction for a crime, even on a misdemeanor charge, can have a long-term impact on your current and future opportunites. In order to keep your options for the future open, it is essential to begin fighting a charge against you from the moment of your arrest. By getting help from an experienced defense attorney early on in the process, you have your best chance at launching a successful defense and keeping a criminal conviction off your record.
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Estate Planning

Protecting your assets and property for your future use and for your heirs can be accomplished in several ways through Estate Planning. Your best choices ultimately depend upon your individual needs and estate size. The experienced Estate Planning Attorneys at the Law Offices of Emmons & Rose, L.L.C., in Bainbridge, GA, will work with you closely to help determine which options will properly meet your needs. Without any estate planning documents, the Probate Court can take control and make decisions without any knowledge of your wishes.
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Family Law

Georgia Family Law sets forth a variety of regulations that apply to relationships and family members. This area of law practice includes many problems that a family unit may face at various times. In addition to rules regarding starting or ending a marital relationship, Family Law addresses other matters, including monetary issues, child custody, support, adoption, domestic violence, property division and abuse.
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